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Nov 15, 2023

A PET expert has warned dog owners not to let their pets bark at neighbours through the garden fence.

The canine educator says that it's essential to change the dog's habits before its behaviour gets worse.

The dog specialist behind @situated_canine told her TikTok followers that for nasty, loud or aggressive fence-obsessed pups - changes to their daily routine need to be introduced.

She said: "The more you allow a dog to rehearse reactive behaviour the more entrenched that behaviour becomes."

The nightmare situation that commonly plays out is the dog that spends its days barking through fences at unsuspecting passers-by.

"Allowing a dog to be outside and barking at the fence consistently will just make their reactivity worse," the dog specialist explained.

"You'll notice that it takes less of a trigger and longer for them to calm down."

For this issue, the expert explains that pet owners can work to change their pets daily routines so they stop doing it.

Instead, she says practice with them whenever you can - whether that's when they go to the bathroom outside or they sit by the window.

These methods can "rehearse unwanted behaviours," she advises.

It comes as a vet recently issued an urgent warning to all pup owners with artificial grass gardens, which can be dangerous for our four-legged friends.

The scorching temperatures of summer can lead to higher risks of painful burned paw pads and it is important to look out for it.

Dr Sarah-Jane Molier told Pets Radar: "Tarmac, asphalt and fake grass are the most common culprits.

"They absorb heat throughout the day and retain it well, meaning they stay hot for quite some time."

Meanwhile, another canine expert has lifted the lid on three biggest lies that dog owners fall for when it comes to your pooch's health and training.

The pup specialist claimed that the alpha dominance theory is a myth and reminded "pet parents" it's alright to spoil your dogs, and that should include feeding them fresh food.