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Nov 14, 2023

A PET expert has exposed the three biggest lies that dog owners fall for when it comes to your pooch's health and training.

The pup specialist took to TikTok to discredit the alpha dominance theory and remind "pet parents" it's alright to spoil your dogs, and that includes feeding them fresh food.

Pup Labs describe their mission being to "reveal the truth" about nutrition and health for dogs, and the expert behind the account wants to dispel three major myths that persist among pooch owners.

Firstly, the expert claims that there is no fact behind the theory "that your dogs need you to be the alpha pack leader in order for them to train".

The study behind this assumption, she explains, "doesn't apply to household pets".

Instead, the TikTok creator says it was based on wolves put in an unnatural environment, while regular dogs don't actually need a pack leader.

"Dogs don't actually view humans or other dogs in that kind of hierarchy that we've been made to believe".

What they do benefit from, she says, is "leadership and guidance, but you don't need to do that in an intimidating way or a forceful way".

Moving on to the second big lie, the canine specialist claims that feeding your dog just dry food is not enough nutrition for these active animals.

Instead, she advises that it should be supplemented with fresh food, such as vegetables and fish to help with digestion.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly she reminds her followers that: "People think that spoiling your dog is a bad thing.

"It's not as bad as people think."

Meanwhile, another pet expert revealed there are three urgent signs all dog lovers should watch out for that could indicate your pooch is in pain.

The first was antisocial or aggressive behaviour, the second was changes in their eating and drinking habits and lastly if your dog becomes more vocal.

All of these can be used as red warning signs that something isn't right.

It comes as a vet recently issued an urgent warning to all pup owners with artificial grass gardens.

Summer may offer a rare chance to soak up the sun - but it can be dangerous for our furry friends.

Scorching temperatures can lead to higher risks of painful burned paw pads and it is important to look out for it.

Dr Sarah-Jane Molier told Pets Radar: "Tarmac, asphalt and fake grass are the most common culprits.

"They absorb heat throughout the day and retain it well, meaning they stay hot for quite some time."