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I'm a vet

Apr 14, 2023

A VET has revealed what it actually means if your dog eats grass - and it doesn't always mean they're sick.

It can be concerning when you spot your beloved pooch chewing on greenery in your garden or while you're out walking at the park.

But pet expert Amir Amnway said it's not always something to worry about.

In a clip, which the vet posted to TikTok, he writes: "If my dog eats grass, is he/she sick?"

But he then reveals: "No. In most cases they just like the taste.

"Sometimes if they have an upset tummy."

However, a group of vets revealed in recent days common garden flowers that could make your dog seriously ill.

There are a number of plants in your backyard that could make your pooches feel unwell, including this unsuspecting yellow bloom.

One vet explained how daffodils can make your hound vomit, while they battle severe stomach pain.

In a clip shared to TikTok, through the pet expert's page Ucahteam, one vet said: "Although they are beautiful, the plant, flower and bulb can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, as well as cardiac arrhythmias and respiratory depression."

It comes after an urgent warning was put over five hazards that could kill your dog this summer.

Hot weather, barbecue season and creepy crawlies can all pose a threat to your pet, according to the experts.

One expert also warned how owners can keep their eyes peeled for signs of heatstroke in a dog.

Another vet also warned what to do if your dog gets randomly sick in the morning - and why they may need to visit a clinic.

Meanwhile, another vet issued an urgent warning to dog owners over the three daily habits that could be a sign that your pooch needs to go to the vets.