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Cine Gear: LA Expo brings out production tools (and the sun!) to help your projects by Michelle DeLateur

Jan 26, 2024

Head outside to the Paramount Lot for accessories, tools, and more to help your projects from Cine Gear LA!

Looking to add accessories to your RED camera kit? Curious about a new focusing tool without rails to make your footage more creative? Would you like to know what's in your matte box without pulling your filters out? Or how about filming a close up of a bottle of Corona? Head outside to the sunny booths at Cine Gear!

And cool sunglasses, Kenny!

NiSi Athena Full Frame Cinema Lenses: At Cine Gear, NiSi displays their Athena Prime lenses, a set of compact, fast, sand sharp cinema lenses with the same size filter thread, same weight, and controls in the same place (with the exception of the 14mm).

Light Widow Etags: Check out a see-through camera and a new way to check what's in your matte box courtesy of the bluetooth filter tag system with Light Widow. Check out the tool at work in our video, and at the Light Widow site.

Mutiny Accessories for RED: Walk through the accessories, cables, and more that Mutiny has to offer for RED cameras, including the new KX-IO for the RED KOMODO. More gear is available at the Mutiny store.

Sort-It Cases: Set up inside milk crates, Sort-It cases offers stackable cases for your gear. They can even create custom cases. Check out their line up and learn more about their camera kits at the Sort-It cases site.

The Lens Cuff: Looking to attach motors directly to a lens? The Lens Cuff is here to remove the shake, and the cage!

Filmsticks: Filmsticks creates resin clapper sticks (no wood here!) so you can use them in any weather, and, with a the bottom slot, use it with your favorite slate.

Lightbridge CRLS: Dive the world of precision reflectors with Jakob Ballinger of Lightbridge.

Infinity Photo-Optical: And finally…the Corona! Fine details are on the horizon with Infinity's Photo Optical lenses, build and inspired by microscopes.

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NiSi Athena Full Frame Cinema Lenses: Light Widow Etags: Mutiny Accessories for RED: Sort-It Cases: The Lens Cuff: Filmsticks: Lightbridge CRLS: Infinity Photo-Optical: