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10 Stylish Outdoor Rugs That Are Actually Worth It

Sep 10, 2023

With summer on the way, we’re getting ready to make the most of our outdoor spaces. Outdoor rugs can instantly turn any spot from drab to fab. Do they live up to the hype, though? If you choose them wisely, yes. Here are ten stylish outdoor rugs for every home.

Cotton is one of the most comfortable materials for rugs. Since it's so soft, it's perfect for when you want the kids to be able to play on the lawn without getting rashes from the grass.

This rug from Wayfair is handmade from 100 percent cotton rags and is so lightweight that you can easily roll it up and carry it inside again. It's stain resistant, safe for floor heating and is reversible.

Hand-Knotted Cotton Multi Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Wayfair, Starting at $110.

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Imagine an outdoor rug you can toss in the washer when it needs cleaning.

This handmade checkered rug from Wayfair checks all the boxes if you want to bring farmhouse chic to the city, but it's made of a lightweight cotton and hemp blend that's machine washable. It's non-slip and surprisingly durable, too.

Gracie Oaks Black and White Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Wayfair, $101.

Just like your interior, you might sometimes want to change up the look of an exterior area like a deck or a patio. An easy and super quick way to do it is to use a reversible rug that you can flip over for a completely new look.

This outdoor rug from IKEA is made of polypropylene, durable, water-resistant and easy to clean. It's a solid grey on one side, and if you flip it over, the beige and gra stripes give you a casual, summery feel. In essence, you get two rugs for the price of one.


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If you leave your outdoor rug outside, it can be exposed to moisture and soon it will smell like old socks, which is one of the signs of mould. This is why polypropylene is such a popular material for outdoor rugs. It's water resistant, which means it's also resistant to mould and mildew.

This outdoor rug from Kendall & Co. is porous, too, so it allows rainwater to pass through. It's perfect for decks and patios, but because it's durable and easy to clean, you can use it in high-traffic areas like the porch or the mudroom.

Climbing Vines, Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Kendall & Co, Starting at $119.

Synthetic materials like polyester are best for outdoor rugs because they better understand the elements. If you’re eco-conscious, you probably balk at the idea of synthetic, though.

This rug from Pottery Barn is the perfect compromise. It's made of polyester fibres that come from recycled plastic bottles: In fact, making this rug prevented as many as 1,442 bottles from ending up in the landfill or the environment.

And because it will last for years, it will fit perfectly with your zero-waste lifestyle.

Monterey Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Pottery Barn, Starting at $70.

This easy-to-clean mat protects your outdoor space against sparks, charcoal, ash and high-temperature damage that might occur from using your grill.

Fire-Resistant Rug, Amazon, $47.

If you’ve ever tried to grow the best lawn in the neighbourhood, you’ll know that letting your pets use it as a toilet is bad ide. However, you don't want to let your pup go on the carpet, either.

An artificial grass rug like this one from Walmart is the perfect solution. It's made of polypropylene and is perforated so that when it rains, the water drains right through.

To clean, you can hose it down or vacuum it and use mild detergent on stains, so it's perfect for toilet training.

It's also a fun option for adding a bit of greenery to hard outdoor surfaces.

Artificial Turf Area Rug, Walmart, Starting at $50.

Many people avoid bright colours for outdoor rugs because they can fade quickly in the sun. If you’re looking for a material that's fade resistant, look no further than polyester. It's stain and water-resistant, too and super easy to clean.

This bright and bold rug from West Elm is hand-woven from polyester derived from recycled plastic bottles and is Fair Trade certified.

Bolé Road Stripe & Step Outdoor Rug, $450, West Elm.

One of the biggest problems with area rugs, whether you use them indoors or outdoors, is that they can slip. This makes them a tripping hazard but it also causes friction between the rug and the floor, making the rug less durable. Rug pads are a solution but aren't usually made for outdoor use.

These rug grippers from Canadian Tire, however, will keep your outdoor rug in place. They’re waterproof, easy to install and reusable.

Ruggies, Canadian Tire, $15.

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Jute and sisal are natural materials that are easy to produce sustainably.

They’re biodegradable, too and hold up well to foot traffic, which is why you’ll often see them used in doormats. They’re not water or stain resistant, but they’re easy to clean quickly. Jute and sisal can feel a little rough under your feet and usually come in neutral colours.

If you want some softness and colour, this outdoor rug from Wayfair is handmade from jute and sisal and incorporates recycled cotton into the design.

Bungalow Rose Multi-Colour Outdoor Rug, Wayfair, $247.

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