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Hybrid Turf Poised to Revolutionize Sod & Artificial Turf Markets

Jun 08, 2023

Protects natural grass roots in continually wet, poor-draining areas.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (PRWEB) May 09, 2023

Bionic Turf ShieldScape is an American-made hybrid turf product poised to turn the artificial grass and sod industries in a new, symbiotic direction by combining the comfort and heat-island reducing qualities of natural sod with the durability and performance of artificial grass.

ShieldScape works by providing an instant green aesthetic to landscape while securing seeds and topsoil in place to form a barrier between the underlying turf and forces from above. ShieldScape protects the fragile roots and seedlings of grass to reduce resodding and reseeding needs. When rain comes, ShieldScape provides a barrier between the soggy ground and foot/wheel traffic as well as some erosion protection—thereby protecting pedestrians and machinery in addition to the ground itself.

ShieldScape makes a big change to an outdoor space without sacrificing livability. Pedestrians and pets can walk over the hybrid turf without damage or discomfort. It can be maintained like any outdoor space, with wheeled mowing equipment and regular landscaping tools. The product can be simply mowed over without issue. The perforated design means Shieldscape can be seeded over normally.

"UpScapers is eager to take this new and innovative Shieldscape hybrid turf to the landscape market," said Jackie Wiener, UpScapers Co-Founder. "This is a true innovation and raises the bar in fortifying natural grass instead of replacing it."

Once grass grows through the turf, ShieldScape is locked into place. In the heat, grass's natural water content prevents ShieldScape from reaching high temperatures. Like traditional artificial turf, ShieldScape is long-lasting, withstanding years of regular use without replacement due to its UV-protected composition.

ShieldScape finally presents the best of both worlds between artificial turf and natural sod.

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