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Golf: Silverstreaks defend their home turf well and see success in Brooten

Aug 31, 2023

OSAKIS - The Osakis golf program had a strong Monday as the boys team won a 9-hole meet in Brooten (153 strokes) and a 9-hole meet on their home course, Osakis Country Club (163 strokes), and the girls placed second at home (218 strokes) and second in Brooten (227 strokes).

"It has been a blast to get to know the kids this season, as it is my first year coaching," Osakis head coach Olivia Loesch said. "Each one of the golfers brings something different to the table, whether its knowledge of the sport, ability to play the game, support, and leadership, or comic relief. I learn new things from them, just as much as they learn and grow from us coaches."

At Monday's meet in Osakis, the Osakis boys won first place by eight strokes.

Junior Chase Triebenbach won first place with a score of 37 (1-over par) after posting two birdies and four pars.

Junior Tyler Baumgartner finished just behind him in second with a round of 39 (one birdie and five pars).


Fellow junior Drew Imdieke posted a round of 41 (two birdies and one par) and tied for fourth, while junior Cody Hjelm and senior Noah Nessman tied for 18th with rounds of 47.

Senior Ian Adoplshen placed 24th with a round of 48, while juniors Eddie Schmitbauer and Gaven Cimbura tied for 29th with rounds of 50.

Junior Blake Bouldin tied for 31st with a round of 51, while 8th-grader Kolbe Kral tied for 36th with a round of 52, and Owinn Cimbura placed 48th with a round of 76.

In Brooten, to start the day, Triebenbach earned a win by four strokes with a round of 33 (3-under par). He had five birdies and two pars.

Imdieke and Baumgartner tied for third with rounds of 38. Imdieke had seven pars while Baumgartner had eight.

Cimbura tied for 16th with a round of 44, while Nessman tied for 23rd with a round of 46, and Hjelm tied for 27th with a round of 47.

On the girls side in Osakis, junior Lauren Anderson placed third with a round of 47, while junior Bria Hoffarth and senior Brooke Euerle tied for 5th with rounds of 50.

Junior Averyonna Graff cracked the top 10 as well by tying for ninth (57), while junior Madeline Anderson and sophomore Kennedy Geroge tied for 13th (64).


Sophomore Reece Euerle placed 19th (71), senior Mikayla Schablin tied for 22nd (76), freshman Claire Marthlaer placed 24th (77), and senior Calla Marthaler placed 25th (78).

In Brooten, Graff placed fourth (52), while Lauren Anderson placed seventh (55), and Hoffarth joined them in the top ten with an eighth-place finish (57).

George placed 15th (63), Madeline Anderson placed 18th (66), and Schablin placed 19th (68).

"Each team has grown in different ways this season," Loesch said. "The girls team is relatively new to golf as far as years of experience. Each of the girls have shown tremendous improvement in their skills from the beginning of the season to the ending, and I am so proud of them. They have celebrated the small victories like some going to their first-ever varsity meets, getting their first par at a meet, and even chipping in on a par 5 for birdie at a varsity meet by first-year golfer, Bria Hoffarth (junior). The boys team has also grown in numbers which presented a new dynamic to the team. This season was a lot about supporting each other because there are a lot of returning golfers and a lot of first-year golfers. The older, more experienced boys stepped up by supporting and helping the younger, newer golfers at practices and meets. I am proud of the boys team for not only doing well this season and taking first as a team in our conference but for how they have grown as individuals."

Loesch said the program's golf knowledge has grown this season, especially on the girls side.

"Particularly, the girl's team has gone from some of the new golfers having never golfed before to playing in all of the JV or varsity meets and being confident in their knowledge of the rules," she said.

The girls play in a meet on Wednesday at 9 a.m., while the boys next meet on May 31, 2023, at Staples-Motley.

"My favorite part of the season has been taking the various varsity and JV teams to meets," Loesch said. "It is good to see their hard work at practice pay off, but also get to know them even better during the rides to and from. I hope that the kids finish this season proud of themselves and how well they have done, especially since it was unusual due to the weather."



BOYS TEAM SCORES - 1. Osakis, 164; 2. Paynesville Area, 172; 3. ACGC, 173; 4. BBE, 175; 5. Kimball Area, 192; 6. Royalton, 215

GIRLS TEAM SCORES - 1. Kimball Area, 205; 2. Osakis, 218; 3. Paynesville, 257


BOYS TEAM SCORES - 1. Osakis, 153; T2. BBE, 165; T2. Paynesville Area, 165; 4. ACGC, 168; 5. Kimball, 174; 6. Royalton, 200

GIRLS TEAM SCORES - 1. Kimball Area, 200; 2. Osakis, 227; 3. Paynesville Area, 243