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Fans offer comfort as John Bishop shares sad family news

Nov 14, 2023

John said Milo had been the 'heartbeat' of the family

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John Bishop has announced the sad death of his pet Milo., and was comforted by fans rushing to offer their support.

John took to social media and wrote: "Today we lost a friend. Milo was the first rescue animal @melbish1 adopted when I returned home from a tour to find him in the garden. Since then he has been the heartbeat of our animal family. I am so grateful that @melbish1 captured me sat with him last weekend, something I would often do until he would get bored of me and move away.

"He has lived with us for over a decade and wandered wherever he wanted . He had special relationship with Mel's mum and a unique bond with Mel. I never ever thought we would have a pig as a pet and I never knew how much I would miss him knowing he won't be there when I go into the garden . Like all pets he gave so much more than he took. Goodnight Milo - I am going to miss our chats."

Paddy McGuinness replied saying: "Gutted to hear that pal. My kids loved meeting him. Proper character. x" Mel Bish said: "Always my little wandering Prince." Polly typed: "Aww so sorry for your loss. Animals are such an important part of a family. RIP Milo."

Hannah Chambers said: "Sorry for your loss - it's the worst feeling losing a beloved pet, they are family and bring so much to our lives." Amanda said: "Losing a pet is devastating and some people don't understand. Thinking of you all." Linda wrote: "He was one lucky boy John. He had a life that most pigs never get. Sleep tight Milo."

Tara commented: "I'm so sorry for your loss. I loved the posts about him. His fear of the tiles, the love of choccie biscuits and the occasional diva strop. Sleep easy Milo, you will be missed. X" Dan said: "Bless Milo! You surely gave him the best retirement a pig (or anyone) could ever hope for! Lots of love @johnbish100 @melbish1."

Mommy shared: "Your videos of Milo that @melbish1 has shared have brightened some of my darker moments and made me laugh many times so thank you for sharing Milo."